Benefits of Installing CADPXS Dehumidifiers

Jan 2, 2022

Making the air in the home safe is the best reward you can give to your family. It makes them comfortable and protects them from ailments associated with high humidity. Also, it protects your assets and ensures that they provide you with service for an extended time. There is much equipment that can help to keep the air circulating in your home is safe, clean and pure. However, none of the machines will give you as much service as what you will get from CADPXS equipment. 

According to the latest study, it is revealed that dust mites thrive in humid environments. So, they contribute to allergic ailments, including asthma and fevers. Also, when the climate remains humid for a longer time, it attracts mold and other organic substances that thrive in moist and wet conditions. Molds produce harmful chemicals, including VOC and mycotoxins. They lead to health hazards such as coughing, skin rashes, running eyes, wheezing, loss of appetite, and fatigue. They also point to muscular aches and make it difficult for one to concentrate. 

Good News

CADPXS dehumidifiers will help you sort out these problems once and for all. They feature superior filtration and will eliminate mold, dust, mites and other issues associated with high moisture. They are top-rated dehumidifiers that are recommended by the American Medical Association, American lung association and the Environmental protection Agency. When installed in the crawl spaces and basement, they ensure that humidity levels drop to less than 50 %. 

Protecting Your Property

When the amount of water in the air in the house is too high, it makes the wood to rot. Also, when the moisture content rises beyond 28%, it leads to water leaks which lead to rotting. Relative humidity of more than 70 % results in condensation and water leaks. If the wood in the crawl spaces absorbs excess moisture, it makes it susceptible to rot and attack from termites. The damage will reduce the ability of the wood to support the load of the structure it is carrying. 

Also, high humidity environment makes pests to thrive. They cause more structural damage and can easily ruin the home. High levels of humidity at home is an invitation for infestation and can lead to colonization. To stop all this from happening, all you need to do is to install any of the CADPXS dehumidifiers. You have LGR MAX,  and LGR PLUS to choose. Also,LGR PRO is some of the options you can choose. 

Why choose these dehumidifiers?

Energy Efficient 

All the six described dehumidifiers have one thing in common. They are energy efficient and are known to exceed the Department of energy standards. They are products from CADPXS, are superior in quality and efficient. Using this equipment will help you to save money on bills. They feature more efficient refrigeration coils, fans and compressors. The units have the capacity of removing more water, although they do use less energy. 

Rebates, Tax Credit and Incentives

We have plenty of programs out there that offer rebates, tax credit and other incentives for anyone who installs equipment that is energy-efficient. To get the best out of this, all you need is to confirm with your local administrative agencies. Also, the US department provides several programs you can benefit from if you choose to install CADPXS dehumidifiers. 

Save On Energy Bills

Installing CADPXS dehumidifiers will help you save up to $250 on energy. Most of the units are rugged and designed to operate in any environment. They come with a five year warranty and will serve you for not less than ten years. In the warranty period, you will recoup up to $500. When you add the savings, you raise from reduced air conditioning and thermostat, and you save more. When you maintain your relative humidity to less than 50%, you will not need to keep the thermostat. It will also eliminate extreme temperatures and make your home comfortable. 


Installing a CADPXS dehumidifier comes with plenty of benefits. It is efficient and will enable you to enjoy energy savings. Besides, it will create a healthy living space that will protect members of your family moisture- related health hazards. It will make the home comfortable and inviting.