CADPXS Commercial Dehumidification and Rapid Drying Solutions

Jun 30, 2021

After any place has experienced flooding contamination, it is important to dry the affected area within 48 hours, as this is the time when mold begins to grow. The longest the item is wet, the more likely it is to be damaged by mold and bacteria. Since ordinary household dehumidifiers are not practical and effective, CADPXS commercial dehumidifiers are one of the best tools for emergency drying operations to repair flood damage.

Why Choose CADPXS Commercial Dehumidifier to Prevent Flood Damage?

When any space becomes a victim of flood damage, a common remedy is to use large fans or air propellers to dry the area. Although this solution can be used in an area that suffers the least damage from floods, usually the drying strength is far from enough. A better solution is to use a CADPXS commercial dehumidifier.

The CADPXS commercial dehumidifier cools the metal whose temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the space to form a condensation temperature. When the fan moves the air, the cooled air condenses into water, and the dehumidifier collects the condensed water in a tray or transfers it to a basin. According to this principle, commercial dehumidifiers can remove up to 85 pints of water in one day. In addition to removing excess water vapor from the air, the reduced vapor concentration promotes the evaporation of water molecules. When the fan moves the air, the dehumidifier accelerates the evaporation process.

Before using a dehumidifier, it is important to ensure that the air entering the affected space is safe to use with electronic equipment. It is also a good idea to determine the source of the water intrusion and remediate it to prevent further damage.

The Benefits of Using CADPXS Commercial Dehumidifiers:

1. It can be dried in emergency situations. No matter what the conditions are, as long as the flood hits, any area will be greatly affected, and if it is in the warehouses and workshops of many factories, many stored goods will suffer. Therefore, it is necessary to use CADPXS commercial dehumidifiers.

2. Provide professional advice. The type of dehumidifier you need depends on the application and the size of the area. Our CADPXS sales staff will provide you with professional guidance instead of letting you decide.

3. Easy to move. Our commercial dehumidifiers come in different sizes and styles, and the bottom has a roller design, which is very convenient to move.

4. Save energy. Using CADPXS commercial dehumidifiers can negate the necessity of using air conditioners to dry the space after water damage. In turn, you can reduce the load on the heating and cooling system and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

5. Ensure the continuity of dehumidification. Using a commercial dehumidifier is one of the fastest ways to dry and humid spaces, allowing your room equipment to recover faster from a flood disaster.

As a leader in the dehumidifier industry, CADPXS can provide commercial dehumidifiers when you need emergency drying services. If you have experienced any type of flood damage, contact CADPXS immediately to speed up the restoration of your house facilities. Our CADPXS dehumidifier will provide you with help for dehumidification 24 hours a day. Welcome to choose our CADPXS commercial dehumidifier.