Crawl Space Cleanup after Water Damage

June 27, 2021

Crawl Space Cleanup – The crawl space is that lower area in a house or in a building that is often placed right below the first floor so people will have easy access to the necessary wiring as well as the plumbing structure. Although the crawl space is very useful in any building, standing water could accumulate in there especially after heavy rain or flood. This is the reason why crawl space cleanup after water damage is necessary right after your home is hit with a flood.

A professional water damage company can provide you with these services so you will not have to do the process yourself. As you know, crawling through that small area in your house is an extremely difficult task.

Sources of Water in your Crawl Space

Although flooding is the number one source of water in your crawl space, there are several other reasons why water will accumulate in there.

Flooding from the nearby river or stream.

The water from the sprinkler passes through the vents of the crawling space.

Naturally occurring groundwater.

Leakage on the sewer drains.

Downspouts from the gutter.

Leaks in swimming pools.

Importance of Removing Water from your Crawl Space

The accumulated water in your crawl space can lead to damage to the overall structure of your house. This can also leave molds on the area and other bacteria will grow in that small area in your home. If your home is equipped with an HVAC system and the crawlspace is filled with water, the equipment might just suddenly stop working. Also, this can pose a risk to you and to the rest of your family members since the moisture can lead to bacterial growth. When this gets into your HVAC system, there is a possibility that it will combine with the air that you breathe in. This can lead to serious illnesses like allergies and asthma.

Hire a Professional for the Job

Do not ever attempt to perform crawl space cleanup after water damage because this can lead to injuries since you are not trained for the job. Hiring a professional is the best solution to this kind of problem in your home. These professionals can provide proper crawl space remediation since they have the necessary tools and equipment.

Extracting water from the crawl space would require the need to use of some special equipment in order to thoroughly handle the problem well. Not only will the cleaning specialists extract the water, they will also clean it up well so as to kill the bacteria and viruses that may have settled in the water.

Depending on the nature of your problem, professional cleaning specialists can recommend the best solution to address the problems you have in your crawlspace. They will devise the best method to successfully extract the water out and will also disinfect the area in order to kill the viruses or bacteria. Everything will be done in a professional manner and they will leave your house clean and in proper order.