How Important is Healthy Air

Jul 17, 2021

Nutrition, exercise and sleep are important cornerstones for optimizing physical and mental health. However, the lack of a cornerstone can help you achieve your best condition: healthy air.


Luckily, healthy air began to be more and more attention. In the right place, you'll see a lot of people selling a variety of essential oils, this will diffuse healthy air in your home. It is known as aromatherapy, it's said to help treat mental and physical condition:

  · Peppermint oils allegedly help physical health by boosting energy and aiding digestion

 · Lavender oils allegedly help mental health by acting as a stress reliever

  · Tea tree oils allegedly help physical health by fighting infections and boosting immunity

  · Chamomile oils allegedly help mental health by improving your mood and promoting relaxation

Essential oils are not regulated and sometimes cause side effects such as skin rashes or allergic reactions. Emphasis on improving air quality is very good. Unfortunately, there is no record of the health benefits of essential oils. Is there an easier way to improve air quality?

Healthy air for home

Have you ever known before improving the overall indoor air quality: The pollution level of indoor air may be five times that of outdoor air. Considering that we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, this is worrying.

Indoor air quality is closely related to health because it contributes to your physical and mental health.

Healthy air can help you breathe more easily, improve sleep and reduce stress. It can reduce allergies and help prevent respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or sinusitis.

How can I have healthy air in my home?

Proper Humidity: No matter where you live, maintaining humidity is vital to your health. The annual humidity should be set between 30-60%, which can not only reduce the growth of germs and pests, but also relieve allergies, improve sleep and reduce stress levels.

Air purification: One cubic foot of indoor air may contain more than 30 million pollutants, which may cause allergies and asthma. Purifying the air can make you feel comfortable, thereby reducing stress. You can choose air purifier and scrubber. Even many dehumidifiers and HVAC have the effect of purifying the air.

Ventilation: Because today's house is built so tightly, those harmful gas substances may waft in your home every day and have nowhere to go. Ventilation is the key. It can help your house breathe, which in turn can help you.


Clean, healthy air is very important. Because we can’t live without air.