How to Choose a Dehumidifier?

June 30, 2021

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1. The southern campus also has dehumidification requirements when it is cold and humid. It is recommended to buy a CADPXS commercial dehumidifier, which can also dehumidify well in winter and is not affected by low temperature.

The demand for dehumidification in the north is met by outdoor condensing dehumidifiers, and in the hot and humid environment in summer, the dehumidification of condensing humidifiers is very easy. 

There is no absolute good or bad for the two dehumidifiers of the wheel type and the condensing type. Rotary type dehumidifiers are expensive, and the dehumidification efficiency is not as good as that of the condensation type. The condensation type dehumidifier is economical and has high dehumidification efficiency in the hot and humid environment in summer. Knowing that you and the environment you are in is just fine.

2. For those with high requirements for machine safety, it is best to choose a condensing dehumidifier.

The condensing type except the machine has the only job that it wants to do. The products that focus on other machines are all indoors. As long as the regular brand products are sold under regular brands. CADPXS commercial dehumidifiers can be work on anywhere. 

3. To buy a dehumidifier, you need to calculate whether the daily dehumidification capacity of the machine is suitable for your own home, rather more than less.

The best dehumidification area mentioned in it is the area of ​​the largest space in your home, which is generally the largest in space.

Other selection principles:

1. The best with wheels.

Dehumidifiers are generally bulky, and wheels make it easier for you to push to other places for dehumidification.

2. It is better to have a drainpipe, if not, the water tank is better to be larger.

If there is a water pipe, if the water pipe is used in a certain place, continuous drainage will be realized in the future without falling down. If it needs to be pushed to various rooms, the water tank is large enough to allow us to pour water at intervals of a few seconds.

3. The dehumidifier that needs to be cleaned should be removed and washed well.

The dehumidifier and the water contact, the filter screen and other water contact inlets should be regularly prevented to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

4. If you want to get the function of drying clothes at the same time, it is also recommended that you buy a CADPXS commercial dehumidifier, which has a more powerful quick effect than having a common dehumidifier. CADPXS gets the biggest upgrade of commercial dehumidifiers.