Is it safe during the summer during the epidemic

Jun 23, 2021

As temperatures rise and days get longer, many of us more and more people to outdoor exercise or simply enjoy the pleasant weather.

One way for millions of Americans of all ages to spend summer time is to participate in football, basketball, and other sports.

Most of these activities will involve physical contact with people from different families, so given the continued concern about the pandemic COVID-19, what is the smartest way to deal with these situations?

Although as of Jun 21, 2021, over 177 million Americans have been vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine, but there is still security risk in public spaces to resume normal activities.


Here’s the latest guidance from CDC: 

What you need to know for playing sports

· Stay home if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are waiting on test results, are showing COVID-19 symptoms, or have had a close contact  with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19.

· Bring your own equipment, like gloves, head gear, helmets, water bottles, and bats, if possible, to limit shared equipment.

· Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other players when possible.

· Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others.

· Clean or sanitize your hands before and after practices, games, and sharing equipment.

· Tell a coach or staff member if you don’t feel well.

Prepare before you participate

· Bring extra masks and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

· Prioritize participating in outdoor activities over indoor activities and stay within your local area as much as possible.

· If using an indoor facility, allow previous groups to leave the facility before entering with your team. If possible, allow time for cleaning.

· Check the league’s COVID-19 prevention practices before you go to make sure they have steps in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

· If you are at an increased risk for severe illness or have existing health conditions, take extra precautions and preventive actions during the activity or choose individual or at-home activities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sources: Playing Sports