We Need a Healthy Living Environment, It is Our Spiritual Garden

July 1, 2021

The earth is the only garden on which we humans depend for survival. In this homeland, people are the masters of the earth. In addition to us humans, there are many living substances, such as flowers, plants, trees, insects, fish, birds, and beasts. Living creatures live in the same environment with us and together form this big family.

Water is the life source of life. The human body contains 65%. If the human body loses more than 10%, it will lead to death.

Air is a necessary condition for people to survive, and people breathe air all the time. Plants are derived from the photosynthesis of plants, and various plants are plant processing plants.

If there were no plants on the earth, humans and other life would cease to exist. Wild animals depend on plants, and they can also be protected. With birds as the center, 90% of birds use the earth as their food. The beneficial birds of the earth are the guardians of crops and trees, and the natural enemies of pests. 100 insect trees can eat up a cluster of large pine trees in a dozen days, while a group of large mountains with more than 400 insects, birds and pests a day will cause these disasters.

On the earth, humans, plants and animals are actually "creatures" and "friend circles" of each other. It is a habit of beneficial ecological balance for human beings to survive on the earth. It provides us with a life support system for all the forms of human life—air, water, appropriate light and heat, and energy, etc.

This primitive ecological balance is extremely rare on a global scale, and we human workers can only see it in areas that humans have never set foot in. While the natural environment provides the environmental resources for human survival and development, that have given birth to human beings can only be optimistic about the ecological health of human beings when the natural environment and health are in place.

Protecting the natural environment with special value, including effective protection of precious and rare and its living environment, special historical relics of natural development, geological phenomena, and landforms.