What is the spread of flu related to?

Jun 22, 2021

Do you know whether the spread of flu has a great relationship with absolute humidity or temperature? Although most people associate the beginning of the flu season with the cold of winter, the source of the virus transmission is actually dry winter.

The less water in the air, the longer the flu virus survives. And that leads to a greater chance of someone catching the bug. 

-- Extract from: Humidity Helps Fight Flu

Humidity Control

An appropriate humidity level (30% to 60%) can reduce the spread of the virus and minimize the virus' survivability in your home. This is one of the main advantages of CADPXS commercial dehumidifiers, while improving comfort and protecting the value of your home.

When you are ready to deal with the humidity in the home in order to increase comfort during the cold and flu season and help protect your family when, here are some considerations.

Know - No matter which CADPXS commercial dehumidifier you use to reduce summer/winter humidity, the ideal humidity range for a healthy home is between 30% and 60%. When the temperature is too high or too dry, humidity will affect your indoor air quality, and ultimately affects the health of your family.

Caution - Don’t ignore the warning signs of low indoor humidity: static shock, floor cracks, creaking furniture, peeling paint, dry skin and sinuses, and plant wilting.

Regularly -  Clean or replace your special filter/drainer. CADPXS commercial dehumidifier filters can be cleaned or replaced directly. In order to maximize the efficiency of the dehumidifier, please follow the manufacturer's instructions on the frequency of cleaning or replacement, or refer to the product maintenance and cleaning videos.

Healthy humidity plays a central role in our overall health, especially during cold and flu seasons. You can use CADPXS dehumidifier begin to create a healthy environment, it can provide an effective virus protection and protect your home from the winter air violations. By focusing on healthy indoor air, you can help to keep you and your family happy at home this winter and the coming years, health and comfort.

Having healthy air starts with dehumidification.