What Should be Paid Attention to When Using Dehumidifier Correctly?

Jul 10, 2021

Operating in accordance with the instructions is the first element of using the dehumidifier, but the maintenance and maintenance of the dehumidifier can make the dehumidifier have a longer service life.

1. Power Supply

The dehumidifier must be equipped with a dedicated power supply, and pay attention to the power supply voltage, which should comply with the machine standard (120V or 240V), and do not use the socket with other electrical appliances. The power supply should be kept away from water sources.

2. Location

The dehumidifier should have at least 30cm distance from other objects and be placed in a location where there is smooth air circulation. No big obstacles that influence the air circulation would appear near the unit.

3. Thermal Environment

The best working temperature for dehumidifier is between 35.6°F-105°F and should not be located near the heat source, which will increase the heat. If ambient temperature is above 105℉, the system internal pressure will increase and make the compressor overload, the overload protector will cut off the circuit, the compressor will be protected and stop working. Set the humidity value should be set above 45%. If the humidity level is below 40%, air will be too dry and makes people feel uncomfortable.

4. Transport

When moving and transporting the dehumidifier, the slope of the machine should be limited to 45 degrees. If it exceeds, it may cause refrigerant reflux and internal spring decoupling, cause a lot of noise, and the machine cannot be used normally. Prevent pipe breaks and machine damage caused by excessive vibration. Because the refrigerant is in the compressor tube, the dehumidifier needs to stand still for 4-6 hours after moving before returning.

5. Sealing

The dehumidifier should be used in a confined place and the doors and windows should be closed. Because the dehumidifier removes moisture according to the internal air circulation. If the seal is not good or there is an instrument that produces water vapor, it will affect the dehumidification effect, prolong the working time of the dehumidifier, and increase the energy consumption.

6. Fault Noise

If you find metal impact sound during the process of work, you should stop and check. Especially to check whether the centrifugal blades and volute crash, whether fasteners are loose. It is better to add lubrication oil to the bearing fan motor every six months.

7. Drainage

Household dehumidifiers are filled with water in a water tank, and the water tank needs to be taken out horizontally when pouring water. If you need to carry your body during the operation, please unplug the power cord first, and then pour out the water in the water tank. Most commercial or industrial dehumidifiers use pump drainage and some use gravity drainage. Gravity drainage dehumidifiers need to be placed in a higher position and the drainage height of the pump drainage cannot exceed the drainage height range of the pump, otherwise it will cause water backflow and seriously damage the dehumidification machine.

8. Filter

Clean the filter regularly. If the dust content in the environment is high, if it is used frequently, the dehumidifier must be cleaned once a week to maintain the efficiency and service life of the machine. If the filter is only contaminated with dust, just clean it with clean water below 104°F. If they contain oil, use detergent to clean them. After the filter is dry, put it back into the body. It should be noted that you only need to wipe the body gently with a damp cloth. Do not wash directly with water, as this will cause electrical insulation. The stains on the surface of the machine can be cleaned with soapy water. Avoid using gasoline, solvents or insecticides to clean the machine, which can cause paint peeling or discoloration of the surface. Do not use thin rods or wires to touch the internal structure of the machine, otherwise it will cause operation failure or danger.

The CADPXS filter can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Don't worry about the impact on the machine. Of course, please dry it before putting it back.

9. Condenser And Evaporator

Condenser and evaporator should be cleaned regularly to avoid air inlet and outlet blockage. Environmental temperature below 59℉ will make the water on evaporator condensed easily, which will weaken dehumidification effect.

10. Storage

When not in use for a long time, please unplug the dehumidifier and clean the machine. Volatile oil, thinner, and detergent may cause damage to the machine, please do not use it. Of course, if your dehumidifier has a water tank, EMPTY IT, to avoid bacterial growth.

11. Disassembly

The dehumidifier is controlled by a digital microcomputer. The control components are very precise. Non-professionals should not disassemble it by themselves. If you must disassemble it, please do it under the guidance of professionals. Frequent user changes of functions will cause the dehumidifier to reduce its life.