Why Do Customers and Dealers Always Choose CADPXS Over Its Peers

Dec 30,2021

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air. So it reduces humidity from the surrounding. If left alone, humidity can cause a myriad of problems. It creates a conducive environment for mold survival. It also encourages the growth of dust mite and molds. When it is left to persist, humidity causes rot and could damage the structural integrity of an office or a home. This is why you must install a dehumidifier to help you deal with the issue. The problem is that choosing the right dehumidifier could be a big challenge. Most manufacturers will claim that their dehumidifiers are capable of removing and eliminating humidity in their home. However, this is not always the case CADPXS dehumidifiers have been found to offer better results than products from their peers. Here are some of the CADPXS strong points that people should consider when buying their dehumidifiers.

1. Ability to remove excess humidity

One of the main reasons why people buy dehumidifiers is to remove the excess humidity up to between 35-50% level. Such an environment makes it difficult for dust mites and molds to survive. Besides, it reduces rot and damage to the integrity of the office or home. Unfortunately, not all the dehumidifiers you see out there can reduce humidity from the surrounding up to the required level. This is where CADPXS dehumidifier comes in.
The units are capable of keeping indoor humidity levels to less than 50 %. It helps to reduce indoor allergens and reduce the amount of water in the air. It reduces damages to building materials and guards the building against molds that weakens them. The dehumidifiers make the air feel cooler without the need to run an AC. This is vital since it keeps the temperature at the required level without increasing the electricity bills. CADPXS dehumidifier can solve most problems in the home, in the spa room, as well as the pool rooms. It can also be used to reduce the moisture level in warehouses and industrial spaces.

2. They are compact but efficient

CARDPXS dehumidifiers are small in size but highly efficient. The units make use of the advanced air-to-air technology and feature super cooled coils to remove more humidity from the environment. CARDPXS has a number of dehumidifiers with different capacities. It gives a wide range of options depending on your needs. It is advisable to look at the square footage of your house and the space you want to dehumidify. The large capacity CADPXS dehumidifiers are recommended for large spaces. While the smaller and compact units are ideal for crawl spaces and basement.

3. Indoor humidity levels

This is an important factor when selecting a dehumidifier. The temperature level affects the performance of the unit. The good news is that CADPXS dehumidifier makes use of the LGR microchannel technology. The technology allows the dehumidifiers to remain efficient even in extreme temperatures. They operate efficiently even in low temperatures since the technology makes it difficult for the coils to freeze up.  For individuals that stay in extremely high humidity areas, a high capacity dehumidifier from CADPXS such as LGR PRO could be the best option for them.

4. Method of eliminating water

CARDPXS dehumidifier features a hose to eliminate the collected water. This is a departure from the norm where one is required to empty the buckets regularly. It allows you to let the unit operate quietly and can dehumidify and empty the content outdoor. Some of the dehumidifiers feature a condensate pump designed to allow the water to be pumped upward before it can be eliminated. Units like LGR PLUS is fitted with an internal condensate pump.

5. Capacity

The capacity of the dehumidifier is important and determines whether the unit you buy gives you the desired service or not. Luckily, for CADPXS, you have a wide range of dehumidifiers to choose from. The high capacity dehumidifiers like LGR PRO can be deployed to areas that are excessively damp. They can be deployed in the basement and crawl spaces. Other units like LGR PLUS and LGR MAX can be deployed in crawl spaces and other rooms to control moisture and humidity.
The high capacity dehumidifiers are generally the best option for anyone living in humid regions. Such areas require high capacity dehumidifiers that can be deployed to rooms with large square footage.

6.  Humidity level

Dehumidifiers with automated controls are preferred for areas that experience fluctuating humidity levels.  The optimal humidity levels should thus fluctuate between 30% and 50% in winter and 40% to 50% during summer. So units that feature an adjustable humidistat will allow you to easily select the desired level and allow the unit to adjust automatically. A dehumidifier that comes with these settings is an ideal one since it monitors the humidity levels and adjusts accordingly.

7. Draining

Units that are emptied manually may inconvenience you. In most cases, once the bucket gets filled, the unit stops working until the bucket is emptied. It may not extract enough water from the indoor environment. Luckily, most of CADPXS appliances feature a drain hose. Some of them come with a condensate pump. That allows water to be drained elsewhere, allowing the unit to work continuously. They feature a drain hose connection that makes it easy for you to choose where to empty the water.  Some of the dehumidifiers utilize the evaporator technology that disposes of more than 100 pints of water per day.

8. Defrost capability

CADPXS dehumidifiers are capable of self- defrosting. It means that the units can offer exceptional services even when the temperature falls during the cold season.  The defrost feature allows the unit to continue dehumidifying even when the temperature drops to less than 60 degrees F.

9. Quiet operation

Some dehumidifiers are too noisy. So it may not be easy to do your work while they are running. Luck, CADPXS dehumidifiers feature two fans. These are noiseless fans that run quietly and allow people to go about with their daily business uninterrupted.
Why CADPXS are  the best.
· Special features
CADPXS dehumidifiers come with special features that give them an upper hand over products from competitors. They allow for ducting; thus, the homeowner can dehumidify multiple spaces in an instance. Ducting also allows the dehumidifier to be hidden in a closet, saving you from the noise produced. The units feature handles and caster wheels for mobility. They also feature humidistat and could be controlled remotely. Both the internal condensate pump and remote control make it easier to duct the units with ease.
· They are portable
CADPXS dehumidifiers are made with portability needs in mind. They are compact, small yet quite efficient. The units are portable and are ideal for homes with periodic moisture issues. CADPXS uses the most advanced technology; it makes the unit effective and efficient.  They feature the advanced air to air and the microchannel technology that improves the unit’s performance.  It is efficient and allows the units to reduce indoor humidity while keeping the temperatures optimal. The dehumidifiers have a rotor-mold body and are built to last. They will improve the quality of air in your house, keep humidity low, and maintain the optimal room temperature.
Depending on where you want to deploy the dehumidifiers, you have the following options to choose from.
· 180 pint
CADPXS stocks 180-pint dehumidifier. These are units designed for larger rooms and basement. They take some reasonable amount of space and are meant for heavy tasks. Luckily, the units remove a higher volume of moisture compared to the 30 or 50-pint units.  Also, they can handle a broader set of conditions.
Commercial dehumidifier
These are heavy-duty dehumidifiers designed to extract more moisture from the air. CADPXS units are rotor build and designed to last for many years. This equipment will offer superb service even in places where the temperatures keep on fluctuating.  
This feature allows one to program the dehumidifier so that it can meet a specified lifestyle requirement. It will enable you to control the operation times, including the start and the stop times.  CADPXS dehumidifier comes with an integrated humidistat. It makes it possible to measure the moisture level in the immediate environment. The user is then able to select the desired settings depending on the prevailing humidity levels. 
CADPXS dehumidifiers can be installed in any space at home. They can be installed in the living room, bedroom, bathroom workspaces, and crawls spaces. Besides, the units can be installed in closets, kitchen, and laundry rooms. They come in varying sizes and capacities and thus can be deployed for numerous applications.
The cost
The price of dehumidifiers varies depending on the size and capacity. Some manufactures consider factors such as the cost of materials used, labor charges, and other overhead costs when pricing the units. Luckily, CADPXS are designed and manufactured in China.  The company has a large factory that outsources raw materials cheaply from Chinese firms. Also, the fact that the cost of labor is low in China reduces operating costs. Thus, all the company’s products are fairly priced. It produces quality equipment that comes with 5-6 years of warranty.  The units have been rigorously tested, and the manufacture is confident that it will give the required service beyond expectation.
When you buy a dehumidifier, you expect that it will keep your home safe, promote productivity, and improve your wellbeing.  CADPXS avails a wide range of dehumidifiers to choose from. So you need to determine your needs in advance and select the right equipment for your home. It will help you protect your loved ones from issues associated with high humidity levels. It will also protect your home and ensure that it provides the much-needed shelter for many years.