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CADPXS DuraAir MFB Pro Ventilation Fan, 220 CFM (Air Out)

10 ratings | 10 answered questions


CADPXS Crawl Space ventilator allows for the free circulation of air in the porch and under the house.The ventilator fan uses a humidity switch to control the fan to commence operation. 


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Key Design Features

  • Quick And Simple Solution For Under ventilated Crawlspaces
  • Quiet 220 Cfm Ball Bearing Motor
  • Super Tough Polypropylene Construction
  • Dries Crawlspace Gradually
  • Humidity Sensor For Automatically Operation
  • Thermostat Shuts Fan Off At Low Temperatures
  • Upgrades Your Present Foundation Vent
  • Easy Installation In A Variety Of Constructions
  • Mounts Behind Foundation Vent For Invisible Operation

  • Product key Design Features 

    • Thermostat shuts fan off at low temperatures
    This inhibits the operation of the fan when the outdoor temperatures fall below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimal operations will commence once the temperature rises to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Save you money on your energy costs.
    • Quiet 220 cfm ball bearing motor
    Cools and ventilates areas with its powerful airflow. With our ventilator fan, radon gas from treated wood is expelled away. This gas, together with other odors, can easily spread into the living room and cause discomfort.
    • Humidity sensor automatically operation
    The humidity sensor makes operation automatic, set it and forget it

    Are you wondering what would be the best way to tackle the crawl space problems

    • The cure for the crawl space ventilation
    Protect your crawl space from moisture. That's right, excessive moisture in your crawl space can destroy your home. Foundation ventilators, also known as crawl space vents play an important part in aid natural crawlspace ventilation.
    • Quiet and Powerful Operation
    With the durable centrifugal blades, this crawl space fan operates quietly without sacrificing performance. It will not bother you and great for sleep and work.
    • Turns on and off automatically when the humidity up to the level you want it at
    Our intuitive control panel design makes it easy for everyone to operate this crawlspace ventilation fan. RH20% - RH80% accurate humidity control, Plug and Play.


    • CADPXS Crawl Space ventilator allows for the free circulation of air in the porch and under the house, improve room air quality, and balance the humidity.
    • Designed to control the temperature and humidity levels of your crawlspace, basement, attic, and garage.
    • Reduces moisture in crawl spaces/foundation to protect home and occupants.
    • Increases air circulation, Exhausts vent radon gas, treated wood gases, and odors prevents migrating into living areas.

    Air flow


    Max Current




    Dehumidification state

    Humidity range 20% to 80%




    On at 50°F; OFF at 35°F

    You can trim the minimum mounting plate to


    Static Pressure

    5.46 mm-H2O

    Operating Voltage

    12V DC

    Dominic Boyd

    2021-07-16 14:33:20

    Does the job

    I experienced a water leak under my house that saturated the ground. I tried using fans to circulate the air and pull out the moisture but it didn't work. In the end, I had a contractor cut a hole in the foundation, install a nice cover, and put this fan behind it. It has been running for about two months continuously with no problems. It is very quiet. On the recommendation of another reviewer, I had the contractor use rubber washers between the fan and the foundation to reduce vibration and have had zero problems.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Boyd, You used some peculiar ways to make it work better.

    Genesis Ortiz

    2021-07-13 15:43:27

    It really works in musty spaces!

    We live in a humid southern rental house that has a mold problem. In order to avoid absorbing moisture from the outside air and causing more condensation in the crawl space, making our dampness and musty problems worse, we closed all Foundation vents. 4 days later, I checked tonight and was surprised to find that there was no musty smell and the moisture disappeared. I like that you can set it and forget it because it only runs at the humidity setting you choose (we choose 50%) and does not run when the temperature is below 35 degrees.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Ortiz, It is designed for basement and crawl space.


    2021-07-07 10:22:46

    Well worth the money!!

    I purchased 2 of these for the crawl space for our house! We flooded from Hurricane Florence and although we were remediated from the storm the moisture under the house would really never leave to the tune of 75%. I installed these on either end and after 2 days of run time, the moisture level dropped to 45%! They work as advertised! I'm a mechanical engineer and appreciate the fact of the variable speed fans!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Danny, Ventilator fan and dehumidifier can be used together to achieve better results. Very lucky to serve you. Thank you!

    Casey Digital Design Inc.

    2021-07-07 10:21:25

    Great! Smoke free cigar room!

    Very quiet, high tech with high settings for heavy venting and low for general basement ventilation. In my case, I made custom wood window panels for the installation of two units in basement windows. Even when smoking a cigar, with these dual fans, all smoke is ventilated outdoors with no upstairs smoke smell! They minimize the effect of cigar smoke on the family and the cigar room itself. Living in Minnesota, outside isn't a viable option for cigar smoking! Love them!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback. The biggest function of our products is to remove smoke and improve the air quality in the room.

    Sig Happens

    2021-07-07 10:09:45

    Experience in using CADPXS ventilation fan for the first time

    I have a new long and narrow house with a crawlspace, a foundation that presents a greater risk of damage due to humidity, including mold, than slab or basement foundations. I installed two of these fans in crawlspace vent openings as a relatively inexpensive form of protection from high humidity. I installed weatherproof GFCI outlets next to each fan, mounted the fans to 2" x 6" base plates with 2 x 3" #10 screws on the prevailing downwind side of my home, and set them in auto mode. The fans were too big to mount inside of my 16" vent openings, so I mounted them flush with the inside of the concrete block and cut 16" x 1.5" foam insulation strips to seal the top of the vent openings. I used insulated staples to mount the sensors near the centerline of my house, about 18" below the joists. DC motors in these fans are a significant design advantage, and the fans are really very quiet. Bonus, the interface is clean and simple and it also supports SI units.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Happens, thanks for your kind feedback on the Brand. With your consistent support, we have made great improvements both in products and service, to let more customers get items that are nice and reasonable.

    Connor Sanchez

    2021-06-30 10:25:52

    The unit is working well!

    My house is in Alabama, and a lot of things have happened here recently. I have a basement area surrounded by crawl spaces. The humidity level was very severe this summer, which brought a musty/musty odor to my basement and back-up wardrobe to the basement stairwell. I tried to use a dehumidifier a few years ago, which more than doubled my monthly electricity bill. I spent a few hours reading the comments and details of this unit. For this price, I have nothing to lose. I installed it. I use rubber gaskets for noise installation and make sure to seal between the device and the wood. The place where it is installed is not the high flow or sleeping area of my house, so fan noise is not a problem. I am surprised that the moldy, damp smell is now gone. I am very satisfied with all aspects of this fan unit. It exceeded my expectations.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Sanchez, Thanks for your feedback, it is great to be able to help you.

    Kaden Coleman

    2021-06-22 11:18:18

    Very happy with its performance

    I installed this fan in my garage door to vent out the heat that is created by not being insulated. This fan works great and even though is about 18"x9", it does a pretty good job. I added a thermostat to make it start at 80 degrees with a 2 degree differential. I put window screen stapled to prevent bugs from coming in and during winter I will water-proof it. I also opened a side window to allow fresh (outside) air to come into the room and replace the hot air going out through the fan.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Hannah Rodriguez

    2021-05-19 16:28:21

    Great little fan!

    This is a great little fan to ventilate a small area and keep air flowing. Works great!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Avery Garcia

    2021-05-13 19:34:16

    Well worth the money

    This fan has saved our house. We have a dirt floor crawlspace that starts to smell pretty gross since we live in the marsh in Florida. The smell goes directly up into our house through the floors. Since we installed the fan, the house has completely stopped having a weird musty smell.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Avaya Gomez

    2021-04-06 15:00:08

    Powerful and compact!

    This is a great product - we have been using this unit for about a month now and are very happy with it. It is very compact so it fits in a corner very well without being too intrusive.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.