CADPXS Shield 550 with 3-in-1 Stage Filtration System + MEVR-10 filter (Grey)
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CADPXS Shield 550 with 3-in-1 Stage Filtration System + MEVR-10 filter (Grey) Air Scrubber, Airflow: 550 CFM

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The HEPA 550 Commercial Air Scrubber is ideal for helping you get clean air. The unit features a three-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter that effectively removes harmful airborne particles such as smoke, pet dander, pollen,  sawdust, and other pollutants. The rugged rotomolded polyethylene housing stands up to the toughest working conditions. A Compact, stackable design with handles for easy transport is perfect for basements, salons, print shops, and more.


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Key Design Features

● Multi - stage filtration - HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger; activated carbon filter removes odors from paint, smoke, pets, cleaning products, cooking, etc. ;   pre-filter ( MERV -10) to remove large particles.

●  Compact design

●  MERV-10 filter                             

●  Daisy Chain GFCI Duplex(1650CFM)                         

●  Upgrade Roto Molded 

●  Compact Size

●  Low Noise

● Sturdy Handle

●  Bumper warranty

● Storage Grid for Power Cord

Other Features


This unit is ideal for home repair and construction sites, sewage cleanup, water, and fire damage restoration, and is commonly used in basements, crawl spaces, salons, print shops, and more.

Design for portability

The CADPXS HEPA 550 Air Scrubber has a compact design, and you can easily move it from one place to another without compromising the cleaning effect. Also, it's equipped with a handle so you can easily maneuver it to the area that needs its services.

Onboard Cord Storage

It stores the power cord assembly onboard, so you don't need to worry about where the device is placed.

User-friendly display

The CADPXS HEPA 550 is a reliable air purifier. With the device,  you can get all the settings and data directly on the display. It also has a filter change indicator so that the device works efficiently and has a longer life.

Additional Features

● Hour-meter display - It can be used to log the running time of equipment.

● Circuit breaker switch - It protects from damage caused by the flow of excessive current.

● Units interlock - Easy for stacking during storage and handling.

● Bearing motor -Strong and Durable, requires no maintenance in normal use.

● Easy to operate- It is easy to operate this air scrubber through a simple button.

Things to note

Filter replacement:  the electrostatic antimicrobial pre-filters should be replaced approximately every 30 days. The HEPA filter should be changed when the indicator light illuminates.  

Why do you need a CADPXS HEPA 550 Air Scrubber?

1.  Promote healthy indoor air quality with tertiary filters

What sets the CADPXS HEPA 550 Air Scrubber apart from ordinary air scrubbers is its incredible air-cleaning power. The device is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system. Triple filtration mechanism with pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon filter This triple filtration technology doesn't let any impurities through, no matter how small. This comprehensive filtration technology in this unit makes it an absolute killer of airborne pollutants like allergens, mold, and mildew and keeps your indoor air clean!

2.  Premium Repair Assistant

If your home has been affected by water or moisture damage, the CADPXS HEPA 550 Air Scrubber is perfect for restoring your home to ideal condition. It'll make your house look like new.

3. Highly durable equipment

Durability is always a challenge with air scrubbers, and we took it very seriously when we designed our high-quality CADPXS HEPA 550 air scrubber. The electrical equipment that supports the unit can fail due to long working hours and wet conditions. The motor is very sturdy, and the other components of the device are designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. Therefore, the device has high endurance and performance.   

4.  Ease of use and benefits

It's a very light profile, a large handle on the top , and a compact design that makes it very easy to move and change positions. It's stackable to save space.  The filter change indicator eliminates the need for manual control and is designed to be user-friendly. Plus, commercial air scrubbers are attractively priced so you can get the highest performance at the lowest cost.    


115 V/60 HZ

Rated Current

2.5 Amps


250-500 CFM


33.5 lbs

Shipping Weight

35.7 lbs


Pre- filter and HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter

Power cord

23 ft AC cord

Duct sizes intake

12 in

Duct sizes outlet

8 in

2022-12-05 00:00:00

It s loud but I know it works

I recently got this right before doing a remodel in my house. Tore out lots of old carpet and wood flooring and there was a ton of dust everywhere. Placed in the rooms while I worked and although it was a bit loud I knew it was working as I kept having to clean out the filter. I did not replace the filter as it was not getting too bad but blowing out the filter with compressed air outside release a ton of stuff that I am happy was not floating around inside my home. Funny enough but I went to the hospital later on for a check up and they were using the exact same air cleaner at a construction area too. If it is good enough for hospital contractors then that just solidifies my confidence in this product. 10/10 product, overall it is a bit noisy yes but it works and for the price its worth it to keep your lungs healthy if you are going to be doing any type of remodel or construction in your home.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.


2022-11-29 00:00:00

It s the hulk of air filters.

If air filters had marvel personalities, this machin would definitely be the Hulk! HULK SMASH DIRTY AIR! seriously though, this product definitely scrubs the air clean. Great for houses, garages and industrial applications.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.


2022-10-23 00:00:00

Great filter

I love the size and sound level, makes it easy to use in a smaller shop environment. Was easy to hang where I wanted it because it is very light. When I get my little addition built so I can expand my woodshop I would definitely get one more of these for there. Very affordable for what you get

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Sad Eyes

2022-10-09 00:00:00

Solid, Portable Machine. Moves A lot Of Air

This is a solid, heavy duty piece of equipment. It is a lot better made than I expected it to be. I prefer the hard durable PVC over metal because it does not rust. The video shows it at its highest and lowest setting, and even on max, the unit is surprisingly quiet, considering what it does. It puts out a great amount of air so if you are in a bind, you could use this as a fan as well. This unit is bulky but that is too he expected. My review photos show it compared to a standard outdoor metal chair. This unit is stackable in case you need to use more than one. It has a built in power outlet and a timer. It has enough power and moves enough air that it can treat just about any household project that you would have in the works. This will be good for cleaning the air from dust, smoke or mold. The unit sits up right but has legs on the sides so when you need to replace the filter, you flip it over, unlatch the hinges and your filters are easy changeable. I highly recommend this unit for anyone needing more than just a typical in house air purifier. It is quite expensive, but given what it does it is well worth the price for clean air.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

2022-09-29 00:00:00

So nice to have fresh air

We got this for my husband to use on clients homes. He is al all around Home repair man, and sometimes he does water damage restoration. It arrives in a box, ready to use. It comes with directions that are clear and easy to understand. It seems to be made well. Ihe housing is very strong. The cord is very well made. The controls work smoothly. To test it out we used this on a house that had a major mold and water smell. It took just 5 hours. After we used it, it was safe to not use the masks. The smell was almost gone as well.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

2022-09-22 00:00:00

Nice and Quiet

This is a heavy-duty air purifier! It is quiet and it blows out fresh air. I recommend this product. I purchased a second one.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

2022-07-31 00:00:00

good quality will be buying more

was delivered quickly. not as heavy as I taught. looks super durable, not very loud. I have other brand and I like this one better. I will be buying more of these. I would recommend to anyone who wants to filter the air in a garage or project or basement.

CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.