What Is The Best Commercial Dehumidifier?

Started by Mary , July 8, 2021
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Commercial dehumidifiers function similarly to consumer dehumidifiers, except they are optimized for heavier use (we will go into more detail about these optimizations later in this guide). Like residential dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers can remove moisture using either a desiccant or a compressed refrigerant. Commercial desiccant dehumidifiers are typically rented or leased because they can be expensive to purchase and often require professional expertise to use and set up properly. Commercial units that use a compressor are usually much less expensive (and therefore readily available) and are also generally much easier to set up and use.

Who this guide is for

With this guide, we want to give consumers a general idea of what types of commercial dehumidifiers are available for purchase, which ones we recommend, and which ones we do not recommend. For this reason, we will focus exclusively on compressor-based units for the remainder of this guide. As we mentioned earlier, desiccant units are very expensive and difficult to use. Therefore, they are not a good option for consumers. Compressor-based devices, on the other hand, are much less expensive and less difficult to operate, making them a viable option for consumers.

If you are a business owner or even just a homeowner who wants to know what's next after consumer dehumidifiers - what's the next high-performance option after 50-pint compressor dehumidifiers - this is the guide for you. If you are a professional restorer looking to buy new equipment for your business, this guide may also be helpful. Note, however, that we will only discuss compressor-based options (we will not discuss desiccant options). If you are a business owner who needs to solve serious renovation problems, we recommend that you do not read this guide. Instead, we recommend that you contact your local restoration professional and rent (not purchase) a dehumidifier on site.

Commercial dehumidifiers are optimized for heavy-duty operation

As we mentioned earlier, commercial dehumidifiers are optimized for heavy use. As such, they have several features and certain functions that either complement or are unique to the features and functions you'll find on the average residential dehumidifier. These features/functions include:

Higher Moisture Removal - We want to start our discussion of this, perhaps the most obvious difference to you between commercial and ordinary dehumidifiers (higher moisture removal), with a warning. Dehumidifiers that are touted as "commercial" units do not always have higher dehumidification performance than comparable consumer units. How and why is that?

Most consumer-grade dehumidifiers can remove a maximum of 50 liters of moisture per day. For all consumer units, the stated dehumidification capacity is tested and calculated at 65° F and 60% RH (relative humidity). So a consumer-grade dehumidifier with a capacity of 50 liters is tested to remove 50 liters of moisture at 60° F and 60% RH. A dehumidifier with a capacity of 35 liters is tested to remove 35 liters of moisture per day at 65° F and 60% RH, and so on and so forth.

The moisture removal rate listed or specified by the manufacturer (the rate on the packaging) for consumer-grade dehumidifiers is their moisture removal rate at 60° F and 60% RH.

The same does not apply to commercial dehumidifiers. The stated or manufacturer's moisture removal rate for commercial units is often, if not usually, not the moisture removal rate at 60° F and 60% RH. For this reason, you must be very careful when looking at and comparing stated dehumidification rates. A commercial dehumidifier with a capacity of 120 liters, which the manufacturer claims will remove up to 120 liters of moisture per day, will not necessarily remove 120 liters of moisture per day at 60° F and 60% RH.

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I bought a dehumidifier of another brand. In fact, they are as described in the article. The dehumidification capacity in the introduction is often only achieved under a specific environment, but the actual work is not able to reach the value described. So a unit that has just arrived at your needs cannot really meet your needs.

Published on 2021-07-08 11:20:39

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