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CADPXS LGR PLUS Commercial Dehumidifier, Capacity: 180PPD (Saturation)

14 ratings | 14 answered questions


The LGR PLUS dehumidifer is small in size, compact, and designed with remediation needs in mind. It is designed for commercial use and will remove 85 pints of water per day which makes it perferct for any humid space. 
The LGR PLUS dehumidifer is equipped with a condensate pump and a 19.6 ft drain hose, which enables the water to drain automatically. A rare earth alloy tube evaporator has been incorporated in LGR PLUS dehumidifier, which can prevent corrosion and potential refrigerant leaks. 
The noise of our dehumidifier is less than 60 DBA in order to prevent discomfort in your home or work space. 
The LGR PLUS is our flagship model and offers you great performance with a Bumper to Bumber warranty.


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Key Design Features

  • Compact Size
  • Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator
  • Low Noise
  • Latest LGR Technology
  • Condensate Pump
  • Accesibility
  • Auto Defrost
  • Metal Handle and two wheels
  • Storage Grid for Power Cord and Drain Hose
  • Bumper to Bumper Warranty

  • Advantages Of Deploying It To Drying Tasks

    It Is Compact 

    The LGR PLUS dehumidifier is compact and is the smallest unit in the LGR category. It measures 21.2 x 11.6 x 17.4 in. This makes it at most 6% smaller than any closest model. It means that it can be squeezed into a van to maximize every inch of space available. 


    The unit removes 85 pints of water at AHAM per day. It does this job while consuming only 5.82 AMPS. The units' airflow is 210 CFM, features a heavy-duty condensate pump and a Micro-Channel condenser that allows it to give greater performance despite its small size. 

    User-Friendly Display

    If there is a dehumidifier that can be a good companion to any remedial professional, then count on LGR PLUS. The unit allows you to have access to all the settings and data directly on the display screen. It comes with advanced features and a customizable display. It means that you will not need to scroll through the menu to find any desired data.   Also, the unit comes with a status indicator light that allows the user to check the progress of the drying job by getting a glance at the unit. 


    LGR PLUS dehumidifier is small in size and can easily be moved from one job site to another without affecting the dehumidification process. It features recessed handles with wheels meaning that you can easily maneuver it around to areas that require its service. Also, the retractable handles ensure that it does not take extra space when you decide to store or transport it. 

    Hose Storage And Onboard Cord

    Since the unit comes with storage compartment, it means that the condensate hose and power cord are not a big problem. So, you will no longer need to worry about where the dehumidifier.


  • Basement and Crawl Space
  • The basement is a gathering place for mold and moisture. The high-power LGR PLUS is fully capable of dehumidifying any large-area basement and crawl space.

  • Restoring an environment after water damage 
  • A dehumidifier is an essential tool that can be deployed to a restoration task after water damage. It is efficient in extracting water and will make it difficult for harmful mold to grow. The wheels make it efficient since they can be moved to areas that require urgent attention quickly.


    Water damage restoration requires equipment designed with attention to drying and remediation details. LGR PLUS dehumidifier excels in these two areas. It is safe efficient and designed to serve the needs of remediation and drying professionals. Professionals who deal with humidity, and remediation jobs understand they need nothing more than the LGR PLUS dehumidifier. It is one of CADPXS products that were designed with the heavy-duty needs for restoration in mind. Our dehumidifiers no longer make it difficult for professionals to select equipment that guarantees to give them the best results. So, if you are interested in a dehumidifier that will make your work easier, look no further than LGR PLUS from CADPXS. 

    Power Supply

    110-120 VAC, Grounded

    Outlet Requirement


    Circuit protector

    15 Amp


    5.82 amps

    Water Removal

    85 pints/day @ AHAM (80°F, 60%)

    Water Removal

    13.39 gal/day maximum @ AHAM


    210 CFM

    Functioning Humidity Range


    Operating Range




    Unit Size

    21.2×11.6×17.4 in

    Unit Weight

    62.8 lbs

    Sound level

    60 dBA

    Size For


    Drain system


    Kyle Hicks

    2021-07-16 14:02:58

    I highly recommend this product.

    I have a 2200 sq ft Townhome in Florida with multiple levels. This dehumidifier really does a great job removing the humidity from the air. The machine is very easy to use and easy to clean the filter. It’s a little noisy so I moved it to a different room than my kitchen and living room area so it’s not affecting to hear the tv.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Hicks, looks like you've found a perfect place for it.

    Cameron Marshall

    2021-07-13 15:34:02

    Great product, good value for money.

    There is always a musty smell in my garage. But this is nothing special for the house built in 1945. After a lot of research, I decided to buy this commercial dehumidifier. I connected the water pipe to the equipment, minimizing the need for additional maintenance. A few days later, I noticed that the garage had a good dry touch and the musty smell was barely smelled. The unit is located in the middle of the space and is quite quiet.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Marshall, I think you've found a good home for it.


    2021-07-07 09:35:23

    compact and portable

    I bought the same product on Amazon. I was very pleasantly surprised after receiving the machine, so I couldn't wait to start using it. It looks very compact and portable to use, and the important is humidity in the room is really greatly improved.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Mary, CADPXS LGR PLUS is a Commercial and Industrial dehumidifier. It is better than any peer product on the market. Thank you very much!

    Colton James

    2021-07-06 15:51:23

    I would never recommend another dehumidifier brand.

    I moved into a home with a basement of 880 square feet and got this dehumidifier a year later. We encountered some water problems. Even with the installation of sewage pumps, the moisture in the air after the southern storm was terrible. It will be shipped immediately after placing the order, and the installation time is less than five minutes. When I started it for the first time, the humidity level was 82%, and within a day, it dropped to 45%. The air smells so clean and dry, the difference is incredible. We kept it working properly and connected a water pipe to the back of it. In February 2021, a terrible cold front swept across the south. Freeze temperature and snow for a week. The back of the dehumidifier is frozen (I turned off the device before). We restart it, it can automatically defrost, and then reduce the humidity to below 65%. Now we have encountered a summer storm and the humidity in the basement is getting worse. I contacted the seller through Amazon and they gave me troubleshooting advice. It is working now, but the humidity level has dropped significantly. I would never recommend another dehumidifier brand. If you live in the south, have a large basement, or have any dampness problems in your home, this is a great device that will help you!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear James, I'm very happy that our prodcuts have solved the problem for you. Thank you for your trust, we look forward to doing better.

    Dominic Price

    2021-06-28 15:04:06

    It is well made and very firm.

    I needed it for a large bath and the rest of the house. I keep both doors of the bath, open so the dehumidifier gets the air from the other 2 BR's and kitchen area and master bath. It pulls a good amount of water out, perhaps a better test is looking at a good humidistat. Before I turned it in the room next to it was at 55% humidity. After running it reduced by 10%. About the noise: Anyone should know who have a compressor and a dehumidifier, there will be noise just like an air conditioner in a window or outside. So I took a decibel meter and tested. I got about 8 feet away from the unit. The decibels measured 58 dB. I can't hear anything from 15 feet away. I think it is very quiet for a dehumidifier that is as powerful as this one. It is well made. Yes, plastic, but very firm. The filter of this dehumidifier is easy to clean and replace. It's easy to wheel around on casters.

    CADPXS Reply: Thank you for your accurate test feedback, we will refer to your suggestions to make the product more perfect.

    Jaden Cole

    2021-06-21 16:20:12

    That’s a huge improvement

    My first impression of this is that it was much larger than I was expecting. I let it sit for 24 hours as instructed before use, and then turned in on next to my bathroom. Within 1 hour, the humidity in the bathroom, dropped about 10% (started at 70%). This thing pulls water out of the air FAST. I can’t really comment on energy usage/efficiency. You should set up the drain hose, so we don't think about the hassle of emptying the tank. It is a little on the loud side when running, but it’s not too bad. It does seem to get to the point where it can’t drop the humidity any lower (probably because the outdoor humidity coming in through the heat in my house keeps replenishing humidity in the air). In my house, it seems to stop further reducing the humidity once it gets down to 35-40%. But that’s a huge improvement given that my house normally sits between 55-70% humidity.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    2021-05-22 10:03:05

    Great machine

    This particular dehumidifier was less expensive than others that work for the same square footage. It arrived on time, well packaged, and in perfect condition. I plugged it up straight out of the box, and it’s been running beautifully since then (more than a week now). I live in a basement apartment with a natural ground spring behind my back wall. This machine has drastically improved the condition of my apartment. I recommend it to anyone in need of a good dehumidifier.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Nicholas White

    2021-05-19 11:14:48

    Great for perhaps a large factory or office!

    The dehumidifier may be great for perhaps a large factory or office and I do believe it covers the square footage that it advertises. We used to use a large dehumidifier in our home and it was pulling a couple of liters of water a day, this dehumidifier is on a par with the old one, or more. Not work the money to those small units, we should have just bought this large one for what we paid for two small units.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Caden Jonse

    2021-05-17 19:25:08

    Very useful!

    Very useful, and sturdy too. Not that I am setting anything on it, but it is very well built. It has a good weight to it, suggesting quality materials in it's construction.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Lucas Nelson

    2021-05-14 16:53:40

    Doing great to keep MN humidity at a reasonable level in my basement

    The dehumidifier is working in my damp basement.Most of our basement was finished, but since it was over a hundred years old, we finally found that the drywall that someone had added underneath was covered with mold, I guess from the sweating of the pipes and the moisture on the walls.Just know that keeping a dehumidifier running all summer is already our current solution. Having an option to have a hose connection and having it drain directly out of the house is great!So I don't have to pour a bucket of water into the water every few days...I like the fact that this machine may have smaller capabilities, but since it has a continuous run or an automatic run option, you can choose to like me for another humidity level, having the hose connection gives me the peace of mind, knowing it has to do the work even if I just turn it on & walk for a few days.I love it!It also looks so beautiful in my unfinished laundry room!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Bradleigh Bull

    2021-04-15 11:44:26

    Best dehumidifier I've ever owned!!

    I got this to use in my basement. I live in a rental so unfortunately there is moisture in the basement and previous tenants had dogs...wet, smelly dogs...inside. So the house starts smelling every month or 2 no matter how well ice shampooed the carpets. My friend suggested I try a dehumidifier in my basement and WOW what a difference this has made! The stale stinky dog smell is gone. I just go down every couple of days to make sure everything is A-ok...it’s been working perfectly so far!

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Rumaysa Leal

    2021-04-02 14:05:06

    Easy to use

    Very quiet. Easy to use. Small compared to our old dehumidifier. The hose drain works great! It consistently keeps our large basement between 40-45% humidity which is quite comfortable and never smells musty or damp with this dehumidifier running.

    CADPXS Reply: Your love is our greatest support, which is the driving force for us to do better.


    2020-10-06 01:47:27

    Great machine for the basement

    I bought this to deal with serious damp in the crawlspace and installed it about a month ago. It's dried out the place very well.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    M. Davis

    2020-10-06 01:44:21

    Great Install and Initial Experience

    This installed easily into our crawl space and doesn't require a drain. After going down to the crawl space a few days later, it is clearly a lot less humid. Five stars for the installation and good start.

    CADPXS Reply: Although I'm not sure why you don't need a drain pipe, we have a complimentary hose that you can use to drain water into a bucket or drain.