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CADPXS Sanna 85PX Commercial Dehumidifier, Capacity: 85PPD(AHAM)

6 ratings | 6 answered questions


It is a highly efficient dehumidifier that can suitably be deployed in the crawl spaces and basement. It is an ideal dehumidifier for preventing mold and musty odors in the home. If installed correctly, it dries the air and improves the comfort in the home. The unit is small in size compared to other dehumidifiers in its category. However, it will provide better dehumidification... 


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Key Design Features

  • It comes with a humidity sensor.
  • It doesn’t feature buckets of water to empty or messy trays.
  • It comes with a digital LCD.
  • It uses MERV 10 filters.
  • Noise can be reduced by ducting the unit.

  • The unit allows one to monitor the level of humidity on the sensor and will easily remove dust mite and particulates. 

    Sanna 85PX is a powerful dehumidifier designed to perform dehumidification in the damp environment including the basement. It removes water from the air and drains the water automatically. Thus, it saves you from the trouble of draining the unit now and then.  It is a large capacity dehumidifier optimized for the basement. It can dehumidify an area of 2,300 sq. Ft and can extract 85 pints of water every day. The unit can operate in a large basement area. It can be relied on for keeping such an area dry and free from moisture all year round. 

    But the dehumidifier can be a good companion to professionals who specialize in basement repair and finishing.  It is effective equipment that will keep the basement dry throughout. Even if you will be operating in low-temperature areas, the dehumidifier features a defrost system that makes it function optimally in these conditions. Unlike other dehumidifiers that lose efficiency when the temperature falls below 65°F, the defrost feature allows SaniSedona to overcome the challenge and will remain efficient even when the temperature falls to about 33.8°F.

    Why Should One Buy The Dehumidifier?Final Thought

    CADPXS Sanna 85PX is housed in Sheet metal shell, a thing that makes it efficient even in places that are cold such as the basement. It is an efficient dehumidifier that allows the buyer to recoup the cost through the energy savings they make during its lifetime. 

    Dehumidifiers should be emptied now and then can make life a little bit difficult for you. Luckily, this is not the case when you buy the Sanna 85PX.  This is critical because it allows you to focus on other important issues. 

    Sanna 85PX  comes with an adjustable humidistat that allows you to select a preferred level of humidity. You are free to choose any level between 26-90%. But the recommended level should fall between 45 and 50%. A level of 50% is good for your health and will protect your assets from excess moisture. Once you select your preferred level the unit will cycle on and off to help maintain the right humidity level. As it does this, it helps to save on energy.

    Those who have tried to use the dehumidifier say that the unit is reliable and quite effective in the basement. It is a high-quality product that will undoubtedly give good service. 

    Although the dehumidifier is a little bit costly, it gives service for a relatively long period. Besides, it is more efficient and bumper to bumper warranty service. Thus, the long-term benefit makes it better than any other dehumidifier in its category.

    It is the right equipment for professionals who provide services such as pump installation and basement waterproofing. It is also a vital equipment crawl spaces encapsulation and repair as well as foundation cracks repair.        

    Note that when molds thrive, they make the home inhabitable. Even when they grow in the basement, they can easily be carried upstairs and cause a wide range of problems for children and elderly people. But with the Sanna 85PX, you will be able to monitor the humidity level and remedy the situation before it gets out of hand. 

    The Sanna 85PX  dehumidifier can effectively dehumidify a basement covering an area of 2300 sq. ft. It performs the job of 2 standard dehumidifiers and will rid the area of dust mites, mold spores, and other pollutants. The unit is capable of monitoring the basement and draw moisture to keep the humidity under control. 

    Final Thought

    It is a known fact that humidity in the basement can make the entire home unhealthy and uncomfortable. So, if you are already experiencing problems in your basement, you must find a solution to the problem. Installing Sanna 85PX dehumidifier is one of the ways you can use to deal with the problem. Also, if your basement waterproofing was not adequate, it may be necessary to install a dehumidifier as part of the solution to the problem. Sanna 85PX  is the most recommended dehumidifier. It is efficient and will remove more moisture than any other standard dehumidifier.  It is designed for crawl spaces and basements but can be deployed in other parts of the home. 

    Power Supply

    110-120 VAC, Grounded

    Outlet Requirement


    Circuit protector

    15 Amp


    5.6 amps

    Water Removal

    85 pints/day @ AHAM (80°F, 60%)

    Water Removal

    13.385 gal/day maximum @ AHAM


    210 CFM

    Functioning Humidity Range


    Operating Range

    33.8~104 ℉



    Unit Size

    21.6 x 12 x 12 in

    Unit Weight

    66 lbs

    Madeline Hill

    2021-05-13 19:11:03

    This unit is highly recommended

    Live in the south, so humidity is always an issue, and things have been ruined because of the high humidity. I was reluctant to order this unit because I have never owned a dehumidifier before. Took it out of the box and within a couple of days ago, my wife and I noticed that we were breathing better, and the smell and dampness in our closets was gone. The unit is very easy to use with various settings, and not difficult to drain. Very pleased with this unit and will recommend it to my friends and family.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Shakir Lucero

    2021-04-15 11:48:29

    Functional and quiet

    My bedroom closet is long, narrow, and takes on a lot of moisture. I am constantly having to run a dehumidifier. This is PERFECT for what I need. With the door closed, I cannot hear anything. Even with the door open, I hear a soft hum, something that is barely noticeable. It works as directed and pulls a lot of moisture from the air. I can feel the difference. This is well worth the purchase. Will buy it again if I need another dehumidifier.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Alisha Wills

    2021-04-06 14:47:49

    Best dehumidifier I've had so far

    I needed to purchase a dehumidifier for my basement as the humidity levels here in Minnesota during the summer are brutal. It was extremely easy to set up and I immediately ran it at 40%. After about 2 days, we all noticed a difference in air quality and how comfortable it was! The tank does fill up quickly if you live in a humid area. As for the noise, it wasn't too bad. You don't notice it when you're watching TV or when you have guests. I had this for 4 months now and it's been running every single day. significantly effective.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.


    2020-10-06 02:00:09

    Dehumidifier for crawl space !!!

    Does a great job !! crawl space was 89% humidity, installed this and within an hour was at 50%, wow what a difference!! Works Great, easy to install, ran drain hose outside

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Customer, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Andrew Silvis

    2020-10-06 01:31:17

    Definitely worth the buy

    Easy to set up and easy to use. I have no complaints about this product. I will be purchasing it again. I am in Insulation Contractor and we use these in crawlspaces to remove excessive moisture and odors.

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Silvis, Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Chris Guest

    2020-10-06 01:26:00

    Works very well one month in

    had a month, been doing great job and would recommend s customer support was very helpful too a quality product. I installed and they approved for warranty and so far the unit has done a great job to reduce humid conditions in crawl space...

    CADPXS Reply: Dear Guest, Thank you for your valuable feedback.