CADPXS Dehumidifier

CADPXS is the home of dehumidifiers. The company designs and manufactures dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use. The units are durable and get the dehumidification job done for a long time. Our products are the best tools to deploy if you want to clear the dampness from your basement and crawlspaces. They are tested products that can eliminate excessive moisture more efficiently. Once you install the device, the moisture will have no place to hide. It cleans the air and makes it healthy for your family members.

Our Products


It is another excellent dehumidification product from CADPXS. The unit is efficient and can remove 85 pints of water.  
Comes with wheels 
Features an automatic drainage horse 
Comes with a display monitor 
It is rugged, rotomolded, and durable
Note that all CADPXS dehumidifiers are shipped bumper-to-bumper. When you buy the unit from an authorized dealer, the warranty ensures that the company will take care of any malfunction. This guarantees that the unit will give you good service for the money spent.
It can purify the air and maintain the humidity in the home for a long period of time. In addition, the device is small and compact. It is also energy efficient and can run all day and all night without you having to worry about the energy bill.


It is an ideal unit for homes and can be relied on to deal with humidity levels in the house and increase comfort. The unit is compact and can fit in any tight space. LGR MAX is a powerful and efficient unit that will help to tackle excess humidity problem. It is the right unit you need to curb the growth of harmful molds and fungus.  LGR MAX is easy to install and use. It is the reason why contractors will find it ideal for remediation tasks.

It is robust and resistant 
It removes 85 pints of water per day
Comes with a horse for draining so eliminates the need for messy water tray
Features an auto-restart, so it commences dehumidification as soon as the humidity levels rise beyond the preset value.
Comes with a digital panel
Can operate in areas that are low as 35.6 degrees F
Features a high airflow filter 
Comes with an automatic humidistat

HEPA Air Scrubber

It is an excellent air filtration product from CADPXS.  The unit is efficient and works well. 


· Has a compact design

· Has an automatic indicator for filter change

· Equipped with Merv 10 pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter that enables advanced filtration

· Stackable and can be daisy-chained

· Includes a maintenance-free bearing motor

· ETL certified

· Has a roto-molded polyethylene housing

· GFCI protection

· Has a power indicator light

· Comes with 23 feet power cord 


Bigger homes need a robust dehumidifier to help regulate the amount of humidity in the space. LGR PLUS is one of the units that can be relied on to control humidity levels. It is a popular and versatile unit that can fit in any application. The coils are epoxy coated, meaning that when you install the unit, you will be sure that it will give you service for a more extended time. 


Capable of removing 85 pints of water @ AHAM per day
Weights 62.8 lbs
Comes with a condensate pump
Features a microchannel condenser 
It is portable
It is easy to use and does not feature a messy water tray 
Features an auto restart
The Dehumidifier is versatile and designed for both commercial and domestic applications. The build-in controls facilitate automatic operation 

DuraAir MFB Pro

CADPXS Crawl Space ventilator allows for the free circulation of air in the porch and under the house.The ventilator fan uses a humidity switch to control the fan to commence operation. 

Notice that all CADPXS dehumidifier comes with bumper to bumper. When you buy it from an authorized dealer, the warranty ensures that any malfunction is taken care of by the company. This guarantees that the unit will give you service for the money spend.

It can purify the air and maintain humidity in the home for a longer period of time. Also, the unit is small in size and compact. Besides, it is energy efficient and could be run throughout the day and night without worrying about energy bills.