Private Label Services

We help you produce reputable products by conducting sensory evaluations, physical testing, and consumer preference testing to provide third-party confirmation of the quality of your products.



Many private labels strive to develop products that offer the same quality as national brands. If your company is striving to do this, we offer a full range of services to assist you.

With our private label testing, you can ensure your products meet consumer expectations when they hit store shelves. Our product testing team works with you every step of the way - from concept to completion - to optimize your products before launch, saving you time and money in the long run.


When you work with CADPXS, you can be confident that we will help build consumer confidence in the quality and safety of your private label products. Our safety and quality tests, developed by a team of industry experts, are conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories that have extensive analytical, physical and performance testing capabilities.


We offer services that support quality assurance throughout your product lifecycle. We can evaluate your manufacturing processes and employee training programs, test your raw materials, and verify your marketing claims.

These types of services are specifically designed to build consumer confidence in your private label and private brand products, while ensuring you have access to almost any market you choose.