What sets the CADPXS dehumidifiers
from the masses

CADPXS cares about your well-being. CADPXS cares about your wellbeing. This is why the team is dedicated to manufacturing products that our customers can depend on, when it comes to dehumidification. Our products perform better, when compared to other manufacturers.

CADPXS has a large manufacturing factory located in the USA. CADPXS has a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures and produces commercial grade dehumidifiers that meet international standards. Almost all of the units are easy to install and have unique features. When installed properly, they ensure that the humidity in your home or office is controlled. They also ensure that the basement and crawl space are dry and clean. This is important to ensure the home is safe for family and visitors. Remember that 50% of the air that circulates in the upstairs of your home comes from the crawl spaces and basement. So keeping these areas clean will protect your family from too much moisture.



Unlike other companies, CADPXS manufactures its dehumidifiers in-house. It ensures that the correct manufacturing procedure is followed and that only high-quality raw materials and technology are used. The final products are always of high quality. When you invest in quality, you will freely stand behind your product. This is what we do at CADPXS. Thus, all our dehumidifiers come with a bumper to bumper warranty.


CADPXS dehumidifiers are designed for crawl spaces and basements. They are small in size but superior in capacity. Plus, the dehumidifiers weigh less compared to other competitive units. They can be used in workshops, gun rooms, home theatres and garages. These dehumidifiers can be used in the most humid environments. The units can operate efficiently in environments between 35.6°F-105°F. They also have a ducting option that allows them to reach hard-to-reach areas.



LGR Microchannel Technology

This technology has improved the efficiency and performance of the CADPXS dehumidifier. Microchannel features an air-to-air heat exchange system. The system brings the air to the dew point and passes it over super-cooled evaporator coils. The system also features a microchannel condenser that improves the efficiency of the unit. The microchannel technology lowers the temperature and thus increases the humidity. It transforms the ambient air into humid air that can be easily discharged. This reduces the power consumption of the compressor. This ensures that the dehumidifiers consume less electricity.

Bypass Air Design

The units are equipped with a humidity sensor whose function is to prevent short-time operation. It prevents the dehumidifier from switching on and off periodically. This helps to prolong the life of the dehumidifier.

Corrosion protection

CADPXS dehumidifiers use advanced technology that reduces corrosion and Freon leakage. When freon comes into contact with other oxides, leakage occurs. To prevent this, the CADPXS coils are coated with epoxy resin and protected from the corrosive environment. This accelerates heat transfer and extends the life of the coil.

Automatic Defrosting System

Unlike another brand of dehumidifier, the CADPXS units have a defrosting process. This process allows the unit to operate even when the temperature drops below 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the dehumidifiers to operate continuously and efficiently. It reduces the interruptions associated with the defrosting process. This saves energy and extends the life of the unit.

Heavy Condensate Pumps

CADPXS dehumidifiers are equipped with condensate pumps designed to drain anywhere. It is a robust and reliable pump that will not overheat even if left running continuously for 48 hours.