CADPXS attaches great importance to ensuring that all of its products comply with international details and specifications. This makes our product effective, durable and efficient. We do not rule out errors. They happen occasionally, but they are rare. And when they do occur, we try to fix them in the shortest time possible. We also have a maintenance guide that you can use to fix minor errors.

All CADPXS products come with a comprehensive guide that allows you to easily maintain your results. We have also prepared video tutorials that you can use to perform simple maintenance tasks. You can reach our support team by email or phone. They are friendly and will help you to repair the product.

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Our Repair Process

If a small error occurs, you can fix it using our guide. We have a dehumidifier troubleshooting guide that you can use. The guide is in PDF format, or you can access a video link that briefly explains how to troubleshoot. You can also call our staff to help you solve the problem.
If you want to learn more about repairs, feel free to contact us. If you qualify for warranty repairs, you can have the product repaired or replaced for free through our warranty registration.

Video Guide

CADPXS LGR MAX 85Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

CADPXS LGR PLUS 85Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

CADPXS DuraAir MFB Pro Ventilation fan

CADPXS LGR PRO 85Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

Parts list

Our engineers have created a detailed list of parts that make up each of the products we sell. The menu has been created in an easy to understand format. This ensures that anyone can quickly identify and order the parts they need. Our technical support is always on standby if you need help with any of our products.

Maintaining all of our products with the recommended parts ensures that the products remove more moisture from the air and use 20% less energy. Properly maintained dehumidifiers will help you save up to $25 in energy costs.

Clear molds

Note that CADPXS dehumidifiers are very efficient. They help you save over 90% of the cost you would otherwise have to spend on repairing your home when it is damaged by high humidity. When you buy CADPXS dehumidifiers, you no longer have to spend money on expensive anti-mold cleaning products. Cadpxs cleans and warms your indoor air. It consumes less energy compared to AC devices. The dehumidifier emits dry air that uses less energy to heat the house. It reduces heat transfer and energy waste in the cold season.

The dehumidifier improves comfort, cleans and warms the air. This factor means that you do not have to open your doors and windows in the hot season. In addition, the CADPXS dehumidifier warms the air after removing the moisture. So, you do not need to run your thermostat and thus save electricity. Also, most dehumidifiers are equipped with an automatic humidity controller that turns the dehumidifier on and off. This helps you save money. The units have a higher energy factor, meaning they extract more water while using less electricity.

What You Need To Do To Reduce Electricity Consumption

CADPXS dehumidifier helps you maintain indoor humidity. But to get better results, you must close the damaged ventilation. Also, if there are doors and windows, they must remain shut. It reduces the chances of the moist air getting into the house and allows the dehumidifier to run continuously. It will help to maintain the right humidity levels in the home.

If there’s any cause of high humidity, you will need to identify and repair it. Some of the main issues you will need to deal with include:

  • I dentifying things that increase high moisture in the home and get them fixed.
  • Ensure that there is proper drainage of rainwater so that it does not settle near the basement. Adding a cutter on the roof can help to solve the problem. It helps to direct water away from the foundation.
  • If there are leaking pipes, ensure that you repair them to reduce the amount of moisture getting into your house.
  • Luckily, the CADPXS dehumidifier requires less maintenance. Also, you do not need to empty them regularly. Other interesting features are:

  • The units differ in size but are portable, and so they can easily be moved from a room to another.
  • The units can be reset automatically after a power outage. It allows the dehumidifiers to revert to their previous settings and resume dehumidification.
  • The dehumidifiers come with anti-freezing coolant rods. The rods ensure that the dehumidifiers remain operational even when the temperature falls.
  • Most of the CADPXS dehumidifiers have low noise levels. Thus, they will not interfere with the comfort of their home.
  • However, if you feel that your problem requires repair, you should go through the warranty process and learn more about how the device can be repaired under warranty. For more information, call us at

    (888) 503-0618