Videos and pictures of CADPXS dehumidifiers

Molds thrive in humid conditions and will continue to thrive in the rainy season. They are the main reason why nose, lung, and throat problems are common during this season. A haven is created for molds when the indoor environment become humid and warm, which makes it easier for it thrive and affect the hosts. In order to reduce your exposure to molds, is by using one of our units. You are able to reduce exposure by following the information listed below.

Make sure exhaust fans are vented.
Install rain gutters and have them maintained.
Exhaust fans should be properly vented and must be in good condition
Make sure the slopes around the foundation are well finished.
Install one of the CADPXS dehumidifiers.

CADPXS dehumidifiers are designed to control moisture and mold in the home. When properly installed, they create a comfortable environment for your family members. The units feature the highly efficient MERV -8 filtration that removes allergens, mold spores and other pollutants from the home.

If you are wondering which CADPXS dehumidifier to buy,
here are images and videos to help you make up your mind.


CADPXS Dehumiditer


The device is the right solution for high humidity. It has been in use for many years and is designed for silent operation in the basement.



This is another great whole-house dehumidifier that is designed to eliminate humidity quickly. The unit will help you achieve the highest level of quality and comfort. This unit is small in size, robust in performance, and energy-efficient. 



This unit is great for basement and crawlspaces, it will help keep the basement dry and keep molds and mildew in the upper rooms at bay. The unit is energy efficient and will play a role in making your home comfortable and mold-free.


DuraAir MFB Pro

The CADPXS Crawl Space fan provides free air circulation in the porch and under the house, improving indoor air quality and balancing humidity.


Last Thought

CADPXS has equipment that has been certified for fresh air supply and indoor humidity control. These are whole-house ventilation units that have been identified as important components for a comfortable and sustainable home. The units use less energy and are efficient. When properly installed, they dehumidify your home and you no longer need to run AC. This saves a lot of energy costs.